Cup that Unites a Nation - | Mina Menstrual Cup

we are ending period poverty!

4 months. 100 rand. 5000 cups.

Are you in? Or, ARE YOU IN!?

The R100 Mina Cup Challenge

Period products don’t come cheap – nevermind free! In fact, period poverty is a widespread, human rights concern and yet so few are talking about it, and even less are acting to change it.

In steps the R100 mina cup challenge.

An ambitious 4 month campaign during which the Mina Foundation will be working tirelessly to raise enough donations for 5 000 menstrual cups. That’s right – we’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of 5000 menstruators, and for only R100 – you can do the same.

we are ending period poverty
– one menstrual cup at a time.

R100 empowers a menstruator for 5 years! Can you imagine the desperation and humiliation that goes with asking your abuser to buy you period products? Or being told to pull your pants down at school to prove you are menstruating when you request a pad? YES – we have heard it all, and we have seen it all.


And we want you – South Africa, to work with us and stand alongside Mina in her mission to champion this initiative. To all women out there, it’s time to act. To all Fathers, Uncles, brothers – these are your daughters, your sisters, your aunts and your nieces – our future leaders.

The fact is whatever one’s circumstances, every single female will start menstruating, without permission and without warning. But not every single female will have access to menstruation products to adequately manage their periods. And it is time to end this TOGETHER! We as a nation need to work to restore dignity to all menstruators, so that we may stand together ten years from now, tackling a new challenge and RISE above.

None of us can walk away from this, after all, the only thing that we all have in common is that we were all born from a missing period. If you menstruate, you need to be IN! If someone menstruated for you to be here, then you definitely need to be IN!
SAY NO to Period poverty. END IT NOW!!

here’s how it works:

  1. Donate R100 to the Mina Foundation via the ‘donate’ buttons and links on our website (
  2. Once you have donated your R100, take a picture of you, or your cup, or your donation.
    (You may also use our supplied image found in our Instagram highlights, which you can screenshot.)
  3. Post your image to social media with the text “I am in”.
    Tag @TheMinaFoundation and #theR100minacupchallenge #iamin
  4. Next, tag a friend and challenge them to follow suit!

It’s as easy as ordering fast food online and cheaper than having your nails done. I’m 100 bucks in, how about you?

It’s a symbol of victory, of triumph and conquering to become your best.

It’s a symbol of courage, of overcoming impossible odds to achieve greatness.

Its name conjures up images of the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate success: the cup of dreams, the cup of champions, the cup of those who dare to make a change, a cup that is uniting a nation.

IT IS the Mina Cup!