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MINA Workshop

We provide girls and boys a free sex education program which equips them for adulthood. It is an interactive activity which leaves an impact in every girl and boy’s life.

  • Each Learner Receives a Free Downloadable Journal
  • 1.5 Hour Program
  • Comprised of Games, Singing and Dancing

Program Details

Our main objective of the programme is ensure girls and boys understand themselves, their bodies, STDs, mental issues.

Equip them with the knowledge of sex education and empower them so they can be the best version of themselves.

Our sexual reproductive workshop comprise the following activates:


Discover your inner mina: We guide learners to understand themselves better so they can be their best self! We teach them how to love who you really are, in this activity we empower the boys and girls to love themselves and allow them to aspire to who they want to become.

Growing Up

Growing up: This is where we explain what puberty means.


What’s going on? Understanding what’s happening to your body during puberty and why.

Your Period

Your period and you (not included in boys training): Everything you need to know about your monthly cycle, how to plan for your period, how to manage period pain, how to use a MINA cup, how MINA helps saving the environment.

Ready for Sex?

Are you really ready for sex? We explain why it’s better to wait before having sex so they can make a better informed decision before having consensual sex. We encourage girls to stay in school so they can complete their basic education.

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy problems: Babies are a BIG responsibility, we take them through why they shouldn’t, what to do if they do fall pregnant during school and how we can help.

STD Prevention

Say no to sexually transmitted diseases: Prevention is better than cure, we take them through what are STDs, how do you contract, what to do if you suspect you do have symptoms of, HIV/AIDS .

Ask For Help

You’re not alone: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we provide hotlines which students can phone for support or advice

Bright Future

Your bright future: Live your life the Mina way. We end off the session with a song and a group hug.

How To Use Mina Cup in 4 Steps


Flatten the cup and fold it in half.


Relax & gently push the cup into your vagina and release.


Use for up to 6 hours. Gently pull the tab to remove.


After 6 hrs. Empty cup into toilet, rinse, boil & re-use.





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